Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing

“Best 3 days spent to learn and capture lightweight market trends and technologies.”

General Motors

“Great organization, presenters well prepared, exhibits are a good complementary element to the congress.”


“Great opportunity for OEMs, Tiers, and others to meet, learn, and network in a professional environment.”

Advanced Materials Research, Honda R&D Americas

“Concept directly in line with challenges I face every day. Great to hear other OEMs/Tiers speaking about these issues.”

Engineer, Toyota

“GALM has grown to be a valuable conference for sharing information regarding lightweight materials for the automotive industry.”

BFO – Underbody, General Motors

“GALM is a great opportunity to learn and network with colleagues on the latest materials and technologies.”

Principal Engineer: Body Structures, Aston Martin

“Good conference, well organized, interesting topics.”

Project General Manager, Toyota

“Lightweighting being the hot topic of the time, the panel discussion by the OEMs was the best of all I have attended, with good and frank lively dialogue.”

Engineer – Roof Systems, Bentley Motors

“I was attracted by increasing my knowledge of material choice as well as discussing in-depth issues such as cost and recyclability. Good scope of presenters.”

Engineer, Ford Motor Company

“It is a great networking opportunity.”

Senior Engineer, Nissan

“No material bias.”

Engineering Group Manager, General Motors

“Overall a very knowledge-filled and well-produced conference. Presenters were well selected and well prepared.”

Senior Manager Body Structures, Jaguar Land Rover

“I liked the speakers and the agenda.”

Mass Strategist, General Motors Company

“I like the topics, range of speakers, and format.”

Chief: Body In White, Ferrari S.P.A

“Good combination of OEM and Suppliers.”

Technical Fellow, General Motors

“Good mix of talks and speakers, and there was more technical content than I expected. This was a pleasant surprise. Food, resources, and media were excellent.”

Welding Technical Expert, Ford

“Diverse OEM viewpoints.”

Manager: Performance, Nissan

“Educational content.”

Casting Specialist, General Motors

“Balanced topics for lightweighting.”

Optimal Inc

“If you want to attend one event that will give you a comprehensive understanding of what the auto industry is doing to lightweight materials, you must attend GALM!”

US Steel

“Excellent range of topics, great speakers, very good view on current trends and the future of materials in automotive.”

Chief Designer, Plasan

“Once again an excellent conference. Well organized with quality participation from OEMs and suppliers.”

Engineer, Novelis

“A very good opportunity to meet other industry professionals.”

Senior Design Engineer, Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings

“The GALM conference is a resource for the advancement of the automotive industry.”

Design Supervisor, Rassini

“Excellent material from all of the speakers, very explicit.”

Senior Applications Engineer, Aleris

“Aluminum growth in automotive is steady and encouraging.”

Technical Manager, Alloa Inc

“It’s exciting to see the adoption of so many materials in the automotive industry, especially aluminum.”

Sales Manager, Benteller

“Excellent information provided, a must-see technical presentation.”

Design Engineer, Dura Automotive Systems

“Well organized and informative. Good pace.”

Engineering Manager, Rifast Systems, LLC

“Great conference that highlights strengths and weaknesses of all strategies being used for vehicle lightweighting.”

Product Development Manager, TrelleborgVibracoustic

“The information provided by the OEM representation was very important for me to make design decisions with my design engineers, specifically the cost vs weight discussion.”

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Whitehall Industries

“Great networking experience.”

Technical Lead – Materials for Advanced Technology & Research (AT&R), Volvo Group Trucks Technology

“TIER1 partners must attend this event to understand what their customers are striving for as well as gain valuable network connections.”

Senior Business Manager, SABIC

“Good relevant content, good access to presentations. Excellent level of speaker credentials.”

Altair Engineering

“The London Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Conference brought together senior-level delegates and highlighted the importance of CAE in addressing the challenges of developing lightweight vehicles. When the Detroit event was announced, we decided our involvement was key to continuing the discussion of optimization technology and best practices with the US attendees.”

Senior Staff Engineer, Honda North America Services

“Good agenda and networking.”

Account Manager, SSDE Group

“The conference provided an overview of where we are today and where we need to go in the future with lightweight materials for the automotive market.”

Manager: Material Concepts For Body-In-White Construction, BMW

“I liked the speakers and organization.”

Technical Programs Manager, DuPont

“Great to see the power of collaboration. Competitors working together towards a common goal.”

Technical Programs Manager, SARL

“Great to see the power of collaboration, competitors working together on a common goal.”

Principal Analysis Engineer, Prodrive

“Great overview of the current challenges and trends. Exactly what I needed.”

Sales Manager – Europe, Grafil Inc.

“Very useful and informative, well organized. Very good overall.”


“The theme of the conference is extremely interesting and will become more and more relevant in the next years. A 360° approach to lightweight is the way forward.”

Business Development Director, MW Group

“Excellent speakers from across the automotive market, a range of interesting topic areas, and extremely well hosted.”

VP Engineering, Magna Cosma Automotive Services GmbH

“Very good location, excellent speakers, good mixture of OEMs, R&D, and Universities.”

Lab Group Manager for Polymer Composites, General Motors

“The content is very interesting and the networking is also important.”

Program Manager, DuPont

“High level of OEMs represented.”

Managing Director, International Magnesium Group

“Interesting, stimulating, and effective agenda. Good networking and interactions.”

Business Manager, Huntsman Polyurethanes

“An excellent forum and presentations from very knowledgeable speakers.”

Product Engineer, John Deere

“Day 2 agenda was very interesting – relevant real-world case studies and examples.”

Business Development Analyst, Qatar Automotive Gateway

“I liked the content and variety of speakers from the OEMs.”

Technical Service Engineer, 3M

“Great networking opportunities and variety of information.”

Gurit Auto Ltd

“Very good – very helpful.”

Manager, Cutec Industrial Materials

“A great all-round conference providing insight from OEMs and competitive supply chain solutions.”

Mechanical Engineer, ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks Sweden

“Very professional by the organizers which allowed the conference to run very well.”

Design Engineer, Dura Automotive

“The level of technical information shared was very high and informative.”

Tooling Engineer, KTH Parts Industries

“Very intriguing with a great deal of information for other OEMs, Tier 1s, and prototyping companies.”

Senior Business Manager, SABIC

“I networked with key individuals in the industry.”

Senior R&D Manager, Dow Automotive

“I liked the topics, presence of OEMs, and competitive materials.”

Director, Magnesium Elektron

“Good collection of OEMs and supply chain.”

President and CEO, Whitehall Industries

“Excellent forum for OEM/supplier communication and information exchange.”

Engineering Director, Stadco

“Good cross-section of presentations, OEMs, Tier 1s, Material Suppliers, and R&D.”

Technical Consultant, Siemens SES

“Very educational.”

Automotive Sector Manager, FORMAX

“Overall a good industry conference, understanding how the automotive industry is tackling the increasing pressures to lightweight.”

Operations Director, SERTEC

“I found the conference very informative on OEM strategic plans for material usage.”