The Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM) series of conferences are the premier events in the automotive lightweighting industry. Launched in London and Detroit in 2012, GALM has since expanded into Asia, consistently providing practical solutions to strategic, tactical, and technical challenges faced by the automotive industry.

Over the years, nearly 10,000 automotive experts have participated in GALM conferences, gaining invaluable insights and forming critical business connections. The GALM series includes:

  • Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit
  • Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Europe
  • The Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit Detroit
  • Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing: Joining, Forming & Manufacturing Technology Europe Summit
  • New Methodologies for Modeling, Simulation, and Testing Congress
  • Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Asia

GALM Series Attendees Breakdown

The GALM Series is globally renowned for its OEM-led congresses, meticulously designed in collaboration with lightweight engineers and directors each year to ensure the exchange of the most practical and applicable knowledge. Our events bring together a diverse group of attendees, including top OEMs and key suppliers, ensuring that no influential players in the global lightweight vehicle arena are left out.

Attending OEMs Have Included:

Due to the limited availability of materials, joining, forming, and finishing technologies, as well as software for OEMs globally, we ensure that our delegates include key suppliers in the lightweight vehicle sector. This comprehensive inclusion supports our mission to drive cost reduction and innovation in the industry.