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Openair®, PlasmaPlus® and low pressure plasma processes are available to provide an effective surface treatment method for advanced automotive manufacturing applications. While plastics, hybrid materials, aluminum and other lightweight materials possess the mechanical properties desired for automotive applications they cannot be painted, bonded or coated without surface modification.

The most common pre-treatment has been either flaming or the application of adhesion promoters (wet chemicals). Plasma treatment is a better alternative for cost, safety and environmental reasons. Solvent based adhesion promoters contain a large proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so they have been identified as a destructive environmental agent. Flaming, while effective to a degree, is more costly in operations due to consumption of fuel and lacks the efficacy in treatment. In laboratory testing on molded plaques, plasma treatment in oxygen containing plasmas has proven to outperform all commercial pre-treatment processes or combinations of processes while posing not threat to workers or the environment.

Plasma treatment provides improved paint, gasket and coating adhesion with resistance to all automotive performance tests such as humidity aging, thermal shock, chip resistance, sun-tan lotion and fuel soak. Cycle time concerns have been addressed through advances in plasma technology, automation, and contract treatment options.

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The Largest Automotive OEM-Led Lightweight Materials, Structures And Manufacturing Summit Is Returning To COBO Center Detroit

Following global growth and expansion, GALM USA Detroit is returning with a brand new program on how to 'Implement Lightweighting Innovations & Optimize Multi-Material Architectures For EVs, Autonomous Vehicles & Next Gen ICEVs.

Summit participants will benefit from:

  • New agenda topics and themes researched with industry peers that fully reflect the evolution to a new generation of vehicles, including how the design and technical challenges posed by EVs in terms of costs and margins are being overcome.
  • A highly informative mix of practical in-depth technical sessions, case study-led presentations and forward looking panels featuring leading OEMs, supplier innovations, technical experts and engineering professionals
  • Technology innovation showcase comprising world leading providers of advanced materials, technologies, manufacturing solutions, BIWs and live demonstrations in the adjoining exhibition hall to ensure participants are fully up-to-speed on key industry developments and directions.
  • Unrivaled networking opportunities including lunches, coffee breaks and drinks reception that ensure an interactive, dynamic gathering for engineers from OEMs, leading suppliers and technology innovators on automotive structures and materials.
  • A unique holistic perspective offering practical insights and thought leadership on lightweighting covering advanced materials, body structures and related integration and optimisation issues, CAE and simulation tools and techniques, joining and testing technologies, coupled with best practices and business cases for implementing those advancements into existing production lines.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


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