Exclusive Speaker Interview With GM’s Plastics, Composites & Foams Specialist

The 5th Installment Of GALM Detroit Is Not One To Miss!



In the lead up to GALM Detroit 2016, we interviewed Dr Vinay Virupaksha, Plastics, Composites & Foams Specialist and CAE Engineer at General Motors

Interview Hightlights

What lightweight materials / technologies do you see taking center stage in the next 3-5 years?

"Plastics and Composites are the lightweight materials that I think would be predominantly used in various structural and non-structural applications during the next few years to reduce mass and develop light weight vehicles in automotive industry"

Could you share some of the key points you will cover within your presentation?

"The objective of this VMM Project is to validate physics-based material models for crash simulation of primary load carrying automotive structures made of production-feasible carbon fiber composites. This will include the two Automotive Composites Consortium/USAMP-developed meso-scale models which will will be used to predict quasi-static and dynamic crash behavior of a vehicle front end sub-system made of carbon-fiber composites"


Download The Full Interview & Conference Brochure Here


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